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I am Amber M. Kalish. I used to be a lifeguard at the local swimming pool when I was a teenager, I fell madly in love with an Irish phenotype man who smoked a lot and had a golden zippo on his belt.

However, that’s not what I remember most about him, I remember his smell, his perfume, it was very particular.

One day I decided to ask him what perfume he was using, and he never revealed the name to me. I became obsessed with smells and the perfume industry, thus defining why I am now writing perfume-related content for you. That’s the reason why I founded Zippo Fragrances.

Featured image About Zippo Fragrances Zippo Fragrances - About Zippo Fragrances

Perfume is my passion, and guided by it, I have dedicated myself to studying the perfume-making process prior to the emergence of chemical odorants.

The traditional distillation-based process has always intrigued me right from the get-go and as such, I joined several workshops, conferences, symposiums, and even webinars about it.

I have compiled significant knowledge about such elaborations, about natural notes, and elaboration methods in a self-taught way. I have taken courses like one carried out at the Professional Training Center, called “Elaboration of colognes, perfumes, and distillation of plants aromatic.”

The first thing I perceived when I began to study this subject is that there is a large amount of information, impossible to discriminate the relevant from the non-relevant. You feel like Theseus in the Labyrinth trying to find a common thread that allows you to escape the Minotaur alive, learning something before dying.

Fortunately, I found the thread and now I want to share some of that knowledge, regularly posting it in this perfume-oriented notebook. Thankfully, my professional activity has always been related to marketing, which allows me to cross both knowledge and experience, and speak about it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Until then, we read.

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